Temporary Redemption

Marq DeSouza

After a whirlwind of shows and promotion, Solarbaby finally slowed down enough to begin work on their second CD. After an album’s worth of tracks were shortlisted for the sophomore effort, Marq realized that there were many worthy songs that for some reason failed to make the cut. Rather than let this material die an obscure death, Marq decided to record a quickie solo effort. Ambitiously sprawling, the record is a virtual history of American rock and roll and a decided left turn from Solarbaby. A song-oriented cycle of old-time folkers, slide guitar slashers, flat out classic rockers, with one knock 'em dead piano ballad at its emotional center. With most all the instrumentation and production (drums all on one track!) handled by Marq, this is probably his most pure and honest recording. Most often compared with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Wilco, "White Album," era Beatles, "Between the Buttons," era Stones.

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