TREES ORGANIC is a cafe/restaurant & live music venue located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver at 450 Granville Street.

Friday night is an original artist showcase that runs from 8 to 10 pm. Solo performers & groups, mostly local but often touring from all over the world. Dan Mangan, Carly Rae Jepsen, Wanting Q & Hannah Georgas all had either their first, or earliest gigs here. See below for a list of upcoming acts.

Thursday night is our all-ages open mic night. It is one of the most popular & long running in the city. 

Check out the Open Mic page for more details.

Contact Marq DeSouza for Friday night booking enquiries or any questions regarding the open mic.

Here's a great newspaper article with more info/background on us. TREES MUSIC NIGHTS.



Rebecca Sichon 

Jacob Seyer

Rocky Riobo     



Shannon Matter

Rich Claxton

Lucie Barnett 



Elspeth Tremblay

Daniel Lew 

Elliot Spilsbury 


January 31

Saliska Sun  

Jason Chu  

Ana Maria Posada   


February 7

Ashley Pater

Liam Sturgess 

Kirsten Bale   


February 14

Hannah Rose  

Ev Natacha 

Sam Shoai


February 21

King George Secondary Student Showcase  


February 28

Sarah Stark

Cherie Summers

Gerald Chan