From the recording Temporary Redemption


So you think you can shut her out like she was never there
You'll go back to your boring world, all cupboards bare
Nobody ever sends you postcards from the vintage days of loneliness

You could look in her eyes for answers but she'll just look away
It don't matter if she frowns or smiles, it all feels the same
There's no god above with puppet strings waiting to make your worlds as one
And there's no mountaintop with wise old men who will tell you where to run
They've got no clue

So here is a song for you
Take all these words and make them true
She's got a heart like yours it needs somebody too

The emotional walls you raise they hurt you too
Always hid behind mirrors you made, she can't get through
So much more than you ever show, if she only knew

Maybe you need some time to find yourself but time is all you've had
You've been so comfortable in misery to find joy so close at hand
I think you're due

So here's a song for you
All of the things you think just do
Maybe the words will give you strength to make it through

Love never came easy to me