From the recording Temporary Redemption


You can find me anywhere
Anywhere you go at all
I will follow you until
The heavens start to fall
I'm not the way they make me out
I'm full of fear, filled with doubt
It's been so long since I described
These nervous butterflies

When I met you I was dead
Thoughts of anger ran my head
It took some time to see your charms
To hear your voice in my guitar
The bitter dust that covered me
Was shaken almost instantly
I can't believe I came so close
And never overdosed

So don't go shooting horses
'till you know the ride is done

I may not be a king among men
Good luck's friend, ten out of ten
But I know how to make you smile
And turn your tears to crocodiles
I'm so lonely it's a shame
There's no pictures inside my frame
But at least your light is there
To save me from despair

I've been living a lie all this time faking smiles
Now I'm trying to decide just how to tell you all the while..

Did I find a friend in you?
A neighbor on this avenue
You can hide your secrets here
I'll make sure that they're always near
But all this song is meaningless
All in vain, all unlessv I say out loud what I know is true
I'm singing this for you