From the recording Solarbaby


Here we go again, collecting permanent bruises
And through the wind, attract the bomb diffusers
This merry’s-gone down, eclipsed the pretty sounds
Born again then buried alive
Born again then buried alive
The lepers leer as they drag me to the spotlight
They clap and cheer my bulimia and frostbite
They accept the cross just when all hope is lost
Life’s river is gin and me I’m a diving drunk
Sailed through sin, but now that boat is sunk
Live wire sticking out to start the execution
They list my flaws, reject my contributions
So sick of politics, it’s the same old parlor tricks
No more cheap words
No more singing birds
The final trumpet will soon be heard
Then it shall wipe away every last tear
I’m post apocalyptic now
Sunlight scared and drop dead gorgeous too