Marq DeSouza

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Nominated best local debut in the prestigious Georgia Straight Music Awards. THE POWER OF NEGATIVE PRAYER was a critical and college radio smash that took the Vancouver scene by storm in the summer of 1998. This probably due to the fact that it was released after only a handful of live gigs had been performed. It is an indie lo-fi tour de force, often described by Marq as "cubist power pop." Short, jagged songs crashing into more lush, rounder visions. Arena ready anthems spat out by a garage-y trio with a punk attitude. Most reviews focused on the lyrics. A schizophrenic collage of puns inversed, sexual innuendo, and caustic wit walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Also had a shade of the country texture that would come out more in future releases. Most often compared with Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, The Replacements, Guided By Voices, Smashing Pumpkins, "Some Girls," era Stones.

ANOTHER SIDEWALK'S BLOODY DREAM was the long-awaited follow-up to THE POWER OF NEGATIVE PRAYER. The critically lauded writing of MARQ DESOUZA, fresh from a detour into solo-territory with the rootsy TEMPORARY REDEMPTION, is in full-bloom here. Gone are the lo-fi sonics and kitchsy wordplay of their debut. A world weary frustration blankets the words and melodies. The first single BENZEDREAM is a distinct mix of 70's glam and classic rock with a trip-hop beat countering that familiar, “(I can't no) Satisfaction,” feeling. Here's what A&R at a leading Canadian label had to say after hearing an advance copy of the disc. “The songwriting is terrific. There is a huge Rolling Stones vibe to it. This sounds like it could have been the lost record, in the height of their success. There are many excellent songs on here, hard to choose favorites.”

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