From the recording Marq DeSouza


You said I knew you, I said you knew me too
That we were willing to ride this train through
But in the end where did it get us
Another wilted head of lettuce rolling down the aisle
Life is a rainbow, but I was stuck in a drought
We did the rain dance, trying to bring the storm out
But when it hit, didn't see it coming
Started running from the thunder wondering why?

We think we know good from bad
Laying down the cards with the wrong hand
Sometimes I think I knew more when I was a child
If I was vain/lame would you tell me?
Or do you have humble pie/a rocking chair to sell me?
I may be thousands of things, but I've never been mild

In every tale you get a word from the wise
We took the low road to be the first to watch the sunrise
But we were rooted in the diluted
That road was washed out almost from the start

But I'm a genius in my own weird way
I always saw us as either magnets or clay
Guess I was so wrong to think a love song
Would be the way to bridge the distance to your heart

So if you think this dream is really dead
You better hide back in your shell instead
You better tuck right in, you better tuck right in

So here we are now, has it all been a joke
I want the real you, but it's all mirrors and smoke
But I ain't dead yet, in fact I'm dead set
On making all the actors jealous of your part