1. Daddy Doom

From the recording Marq DeSouza


I've come to paint the town
Though you may not know it to look at me
I once wore many crowns
And the Kingdom
I held the keys to every room
Where I've been I dare not tell
Though it's picturesque in spring and fall
The rest a private hell
Where my legions of demons
They all call me Daddy Doom

And if there's one thing that I've learned
It's not everything can be forgiven
And that every scar I've earned
Has been a fair trade for this living

I carry around this grudge
It's pocket sized and travels light
I give a wink and nudge
All the rowdies
Are all in on the joke
Or I assume

So leave backwards and in haste
Cover up the stumble drunk who falls
Not another second waste
On these tails that are tall
When they're all about Daddy Doom