1. Glimpse Of Her

From the recording Marq DeSouza


Years have gone by like a snap of the finger
Though her feelings may have changed, mine only linger
Just to get a glimpse of her
You should have caught us, we were really quite a pair
I called it the ultimate, she just called it an affair
Just to get a glimpse of her
I wonder if she wonders if I’m even still alive
She knew I had a hurting heart the second she said goodbye
Just to get a glimpse of her
Seduction is a funny game and I’ll master it somehow
But I’m running out of precious time and I need it now
I wonder what time has done to her face
How much of me the intervening years and new gentlemen have erased
Just to get a glimpse of her
At the end of the day, you know you’ve had it rough
If you have to stop and think too hard
Hey, have I ever really been in love
There was a time when even the most mundane was magic
You were mine and life was all apostrophed
But it’s fine, the script turned tragic
They take away your sidekick and they leave you here to bleed
When we first met I was in the belly of this beast
But my future is gonna rise just as soon as I add the yeast
Just to get a glimpse of her
I still believe in loves redemptive power
If I didn’t, I swear to god that I’d be gone within the hour
Just to get a glimpse of her
I tried to mask it, I tried to hide it
When addiction came along I thought I’d hop aboard and ride it
Just to get a glimpse of her
In this game of solitaire I still have a place to strive
We all know that love’s the pain that makes your life alive