1. Razorburn

From the recording Marq DeSouza


How could I resist the glory train that went on by
I was in a picture frame doing my damndest not to cry
Then I dreamed Ezekeil, by a gleaming glow of bronze
His face was reaffirmed by razorburn
You can relocate the grave, but it’s still a place where dead bones lie
Or waste away your prime, shoving a camel through a needle’s eye
But I’ll still be in the game, travelling A to Z
It started as a germ, razorburn
Samantha’s seventeen, a student of philosophy
Seems like a million years ago I believed in immortality
Still a kiss can make it worth all the toil in the dirt
I’m crawling like a worm, through razorburn
Speaking of the way, the spirit fights the hand
I tore my flesh away in a life sized frying pan
Because Leonard Cohen said, “everybody knows”
But I’m still trying to learn about razorburn
Savannah’s like a doll, made of porcelain and wax
Either that or I’m a monster or a pyromaniac
But I know that there’s two sides to every bloody war
I finally get my turn with razorburn