From the recording Marq DeSouza


Seared in time with perspective shifting
The butters fly, the burden’s lifting
Surreal real photographs
My mind has ripped in half
You weren’t well you had to leave us
Turned to drugs and then to Jesus
A cure for every ill
In prophets or in pills
Now you’re back to claim what once was yours
But I see through the chain that holds this door
Think back to the days of tears
Grenade like fingers in my ears
I had to pull the pin
To let the truth rush in
Read all the books, sat in on lectures
Just to be your sole protector
But therapeutic words
Just breadcrumbs for the birds
A skeleton, I danced upon your strings
Waiting for the flesh your breath might bring
All our investors needed proof
Some fixed star of our loves truth
But the sound of singing swans
Said you were already gone
A slow descent I watched you lose control
Suck the very marrow from my soul
Had to sail through a sea of illusion
To make sense of things
What your tomorrow might bring
Closure comes but can we settle
The words still come out like smoking metal
So bat your eyelash and smack those luscious lips
Any lust you stir has been eclipsed