From the recording Marq DeSouza


Hear a marked man’s dying plea
They want more from me than misery
A broken hand or a shot up knee
Loaded Glock, shell-shocked, crowbar spree
My broken promises all over the floor
I’m barricading padlocked doors
I see my future and it’s filled with gore
Dead end, no friends, what the hell do I do now?
I gotta get some money, somehow
Money changers at the gates of sin
Threw me out now it’s sink or swim
Some people say I should turn myself in
Got nothing to lose and nothing to win
Had to do it I was under the spell
Greed is king on the road to hell
Blow the whistle, ring the final bell
Had it made in the shade until I broke the sacred vow
Maybe I’ll fake my own suicide
Hit the low road, try to hide
Become a mercenary on anyone’s side
Find and old lady, try to make her my bride
Thought I committed the perfect crime
Filled my cup with someone else’s wine
Sometimes life can take a twist of lime
It’s bittersweet and now deceit has taken it’s final bow