From the recording ... & All His Boyish Charms


December days are near again
I’m not standing too tall
As the sun trades shifts with the moon and the snowflakes start to fall
Here I sit reflecting upon so many things
Like that mystery groove, & how I can prove I’ve got the voice and I can sing
I’ll take this funny feeling and spin it into gold
Throw indecision to the flaming pit
Either show my cards or fold
But I can’t wait too long
I only have until the end of this song
I know I’m not in your league
Or even the same sport
For every cute-ish line I toss your way
You got a wittier retort
Admit that there’s no reason
Why you and me can’t rhyme
I’ve trawled the many uncharted miles
Off the great wall of your pride
And I can’t wait much longer
My love grows so much stronger
I’m spinning like a skater, on a sheet of frozen rain
If the ice melts, from the heat felt
I’ll meet you at the bottom of the drain
You know my little missy dear, every time that we’re alone
My heart runs wild like a bastard child who’s out searching for a home
But I can’t wait too long
We’re already at the middle of this song
Your hell it hath no fury
To the touch it’s nice and hot
The little boy in me wants to tug on your curls
The man in me has far more devilish thoughts
Don’t expect the world from me
Or even simple answers
I’m on time, my house in order, got semi-good looks, do I have to also find the cure for cancer?