From the recording ... & All His Boyish Charms


My pain is plenty, my friends are few, do you think I could matter to someone like you?
With hard times behind me, in which ditch will you find me?
I’ve got loose lips from sips of cheap wine
A master of disguises, deception and surprises
But for you I would walk a straight line
My fantasy swims, in a river of sin
My carnal thoughts know where we’ll travel
And every place I will trace on your skin
I’ve carved out a theme of slight of hand schemes
But it’s come time to settle this game
It’s down to the end of this poisonous pen
There’s barely enough ink left to write my name
A light’s on the horizon
I’m dragging around lies and
I’ve gambled all the fortunes that I’ve made
All for you down to the edge of this blade
My compadres in the clink sure still like to drink
Imprisoned with prisons inside
Disregard the disgrace and I’ll show you my face
In the light of your eyes I won’t hide
Somewhere there’s a cure for the bad things that were
Every innocent soul that’s been shattered
Every heartache my loved ones have endured
My hands are busy, but my aim’s still true, do you think I could matter to someone like you?